Named in 2017 as 'one to watch' by MTV, the Bajan-Kiwi Solo Artist's star is on the rise.

Born and raised in Barbados, Amber Maya first found her love of music through dance - her first passion. As a teenager she was studying Modern Dance at a conservatory in New York, on a path to becoming a professional dancer, when personal tragedy struck and she was forced to return home to Barbados. This unexpected interruption would become an integral turning point in her life, and provide an opportunity for her to find a new and previously unexplored outlet for her creativity.

She turned her attention to singing and songwriting. As a tool for her writing, she picked up a guitar, and taught herself to play with the help of YouTube Tutorials. 
She would eventually return to Dance and complete a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in her father's native New Zealand, but the flame for music had now been ignited, and there would be no extinguishing it. 

The first songs she wrote on her guitar would result in her first EP 'Fly By Night', a 6-track acoustic based collection, released in 2015. The bonus track "Dance on The Mountain (Alternate Mix)" would eventually go viral, racking up over 3 million plays on Spotify. 
The EP garnered a small amount of attention in New Zealand and provided a platform for Amber to expand and further develop her sound.
Her 'Shade EP', uploaded to Bandcamp, followed soon after. A 3-track collaboration with Canadian Prodcuer James Risbey, filled with electronic sounds, warm synths, smooth and haunting vocals. It was instantly picked up by local and national indie stations. 
It was followed by the single 'Bare' released in 2016.  

Amber Maya's sound has continued to evolve since writing those first songs on her guitar, on the floor of her friend's living room in Wellington. She has performed in both New Zealand and London, and has spent the last year traveling the world, while working on music for her debut Album in Barbados and Berlin.

Demonstrating that continual evolution, she has most recently released the Single 'Back Pedal' - an energetic, 90s Dancehall influenced anthem for paving your own way. It's also the first time Amber Maya has given her listeners a taste of her Caribbean heritage and influence.